Universal Sheet Vinyl Adhesive


ARDEX AF 178 is an internal water based, acrylic co-polymer blend adhesive designed, for experienced applicators who install sheet, vinyl floor coverings in commercial and retail, premises. ARDEX AF 178 has excellent, workability, longer working time and effective, plasticiser migration resistance.


  • Working Time:

    • 60 minutes

  • Set up Time:

    • Approximately 15-25 minutes

  • Floor Coverings:

    • Sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles and planks in permanent applications

  • Substrates:

    • Hardboard underlayment board approved to AS2458
    • Cementitious underlayment
    • Dry concrete where there is less than 5.5% moisture content or 70% RH
    • Contact ARDEX Technical Services for other substrates including terrazzo, ceramic tiles and metal substrates

  • Location:

    • Internal permanent installation

  • Coverage: • Using 1.6mm V-notch trowel approximately 5m2/L
  • Packaging:

    • 15L pail containing 18kg of adhesive