Universal Water-Based Contact Adhesive


ARDEX AF 620 is a water-based, solvent-free, low-odour, dispersion contact floorcovering adhesive. ARDEX AF 620 has a reduced airing, and long open time, and also a high bond strength with permanent high tack. It is protected from biodegradation and has excellent resistance to plasticiser migration.

ARDEX AF 620 meets the requirement guidelines for the EMICODE licence ‘EC1 PLUS’, achieving the lowest possible emission limits.

  • Suitable for installing all main floorcovering types
    – Heterogeneous and homogenous vinyl
    – Cushioned vinyl
    – Carpet and textile (including needle punch)
    – Linoleum
    – Rubber
  • Excellent early and long term adhesive strength
  • Can receive floorcoverings as early as 30 minutes and be applied to floorcovering 24 hours in advance
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating systems
  • Trafficable directly after laying
  • Excellent resistance to plasticiser migration
  • Very low emissions, solvent-free

Product Code: 19990


  • Floor Coverings:
    • All types of heterogenous and homogenous vinyl
    • All types of carpet and textile floorcoverings
    • All types of rubber floorcoverings
    • All types of linoleum floorcoverings
    • All types of vinyl and rubber skirting
    • ARDEX WledTec fleece membranes (e.g. ARDEX WPM 750)
  • Location:
    • Permanent internal application
  • Packaging:
    • 2.5kg pail