Polished Concrete Topping


ARDEX PC-T is a polished concrete topping that is a self-drying, self-levelling blend of Portland cements and other hydraulic cements for creating polished concrete floors. ARDEX PC-T is designed for use within ARDEX Polished Concrete Systems and provides a hard, flat, smooth surface that can be polished. ARDEX PC-T is ideal for use in areas such as retail stores, schools, warehouses, airports, lobbies, and all interiors where a polished concrete surface is desired.

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  • Available in three base colours - grey, light grey and white
  • Mix with ARDEX PC Colour Dye to form a huge range of potential coloured finishes
  • Can add 3mm-8mm coloured aggregates for varied finishes
  • Can be applied from 10mm to 50mm in one application without aggregate
  • Can be applied up to 130mm with aggregate
  • Walkable in 2-3 hours
  • Polish in as little as 24 hours



  • Working Time:
    • 45 minutes
  • Typical Uses:
    • Retail stores
    • Schools
    • Airports
    • Lobbies
    • Restaurants/Cafes
  • Substrates:
    • Concrete
  • Location:
    • Internal
  • Packaging:
    • 22.7kg bag