Rapid hardening, rapid drying, slump-free mortar for external repairs


ARDEX A46 is a rapid setting and drying, slump-free mortar. Easy to use ARDEX A 46 mixes and trowels easily and gives a smooth finish on both walls and floors. The exceptional hardness and shrinkage free finish of ARDEX A46 is ideal for creating new ramps, forming coves, patch repairs, stairs, making good around penetrations and filling cracks.


  • Thickness: • 2-30mm in one application
  • Substrates:

    • New and existing concrete, moist or dry

  • Coatings:

    • Polyurethane coatings
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Membrane coatings
    • Ceramic and quarry tiles

  • Location:

    • External and Internal
    • Above or below grade application

  • Colours: Grey
  • Coverage: • 6m2 at 3mm
  • Drying Times:

    • Walkable in 2 to 4 hours
    • Ready for tile or surface coatings from 24 hours

  • Packaging:

    • 25kg triple layered bag