Concrete Patching and Repair Mortar


ARDEX B 36 Concrete Patching and Repair Mortar is designed for reinstating concrete surfaces damaged through concrete spalling or other mechanical causes. It is designed to be used in conjunction with ARDEX B 34 Priming and Fairing Coat.
• One component system
• Adjustable consistency
• Shrinkage compensated
• Green Star – meets the benchmark for VOC credit in the Green Building Council of Australia’s Rating Tools


  • Substrates:

    • Concrete, renders, screeds, masonry, AAC blocks

  • Location:

    • For façade preparation/restoration prior to application of ARDEX coating membranes. Pre cast panel repairs. Spalling concrete repairs. For repairing aerated concrete paneled walls. In situ poured concrete repairs. As a repair mortar for pool repairs – prior to waterproofing and tiling. Can be used for repairs under ARDEX membranes and tile adhesives.

  • Colours: • Grey
  • Coverage: • 10mm thick: 1.5m²
  • Pack Size: 20kg bag
  • Drying Times:

    • Approximately 16-24 hours

  • VOC content: • 8g/L
  • Packaging:

    • 20kg triple layered bag