Decoupling and Isolation Membrane


ARDEX DS 60 is a decoupling membrane solution for domestic and highly trafficked commercial floors. The ARDEX DS 60 system provides a tileable surface that protects and separates tiled finishes from the original substrate. This allows a cost effective reinstatement of the original floor at the end of a lease or upon refurbishment.

  • Thin build height - 0.4mm gauge
  • Separates tiled finish from substrate movement
  • Prevents the cracking of adhesives, grouts and tiles from substrate movement
  • Allows economical removal of tiled surfaces
  • Ideal for leased or heritage applications
  • Adhered with washable, water-based, low VOC adhesive - ARDEX AF 360
  • Directly adhere tiles using ARDEX tile adhesives
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating


  • Thickness: 0.4mm
  • Benefits:

    Creates a clean, unblemished surface for the tile adhesive to adhere to is created - simplifying the problem of replacing old flooring.

  • Substrates:

    ARDEX DS 60 can be used over many substrates including more difficult to adhere surfaces such as bitumen membranes, epoxy and old composite cork or vinyl flooring. 

  • Drying & Curing:

    Tile adhesive can be applied directly after laying the ARDEX DS 60 Decoupling Mat and grouting can be completed 24 hours later. The tiled area is able to withstand foot traffic only 48 hours later.

  • Colours: Grey