Recycled Rubber Impact Insulation Mat


ARDEX DS 70 is a high-performance, resilient rubber flooring underlayment for the reduction of impact sound, decoupling and crack isolation under hard floorcoverings. ARDEX DS 70 is made from 92% post-consumer recycled, wear and water resistant rubber granules and is rated to provide a 19dB improvement. ARDEX DS 70 also acts as a decoupling mat to isolate cracking and substrate movement from the flooring finish.

  • For use under ceramic and stone tile, and luxury vinyl tile floorcoverings
  • Isolates floor finish from substrate movement and cracking
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems
  • Resistant to castor wheels
  • Made from >90% recycled rubber
  • Rated to 19dB as per ASTM E2179
  • 5mm thickness

Product Code: 20284


  • Floor Coverings:
    • Ceramic and stone tile
    • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Location:
    • Internal and external applications
  • Packaging:
    • Film-wrapped roll of 1.2m x 9.1m x 5mm