Thin-Layer Undertile Drainage Mat


ARDEX UD 150 is an unbonded, passive capillary drainage system for use under an external tiled surface. Acting as a drainage channel underneath the tiled surface, ARDEX UD 150 speeds up the drying process after rainfall and helps reduce the build up of efflorescence.

  • 6mm drainage channel, with a total 9mm thickness of the matting
  • Isolates tiled covering from substrate movements and stresses
  • Allows passive drainage of moisture through and underneath the tiled surface
  • Diffusion slits enable ventilation of residual moisture from cementitious substrates
  • Unique combination of intelligent reinforced mesh to provide optimum rigidity and bonding
  • ARDEX UD 158 seam reinforcement mesh to connect butted joins and seams (Product Code: 24205)

Product Code: 30322


  • Thickness:
    • 9mm total, 6mm drainage channel
  • Mat Size:
    • 1.02m x 1.96m = 2m²
  • Typical Uses:
    • Under tiled surfaces of balconies, decks, patios, terraces and courtyards
  • Location:
    • External
  • Packaging:
    • Carton of 8 (16m2)