Tool Range

Ardex New Zealand now offer a range of professional tiling tools. The tools have been designed following extensive global research to maximise the experience of applying adhesive and fixing tiles. The tools are made from high quality materials including stainless steel. The Ardex Notch Trowels are available in a range of sizes; are stainless steel, have nine rivets for strength, a comfort handle and brushed shaft for grip.

ARDEX Tool Range

Tiling Trowels
Notch and Straight Edge Trowels
Stainless Steel Scrapers
Gauging and Splash Trowels
Tile Nippers
Tile Nipper Range
Grout and Silicone Tools
Grout and Silicone Application Tools and Accessories
Mixing and Application Tools
Mixing and Application Tools
Level Align Space Hold
Tile Alignment
Cross Spacers and Wedges
RDX Multi Tool
The Ultimate Tool
Tool Merchandising Stand