ARDEX DRS 10 GC is a cuspated HDPE sheet with a geotextile layer that provides effective drainage and protection against backfill. ARDEX DRS 10 GC provides excellent protection and drainage capabilities and a high compressive strength to resist heavy pressure loads.

The geotextile layer of ARDEX DRS 10 GC effectively protects against backfill materials while allowing water to migrate into the core channel providing consistent ventilation and hydrostatic relief.

  • Cuspated HDPE drainage and protection membrane for use in below-grade applications
  • Provides effective protection of the waterproofing membrane
  • Provides effective drainage of sub-surface water
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • High resistance to concrete alkali
  • 100% recycled material

Product Code: 32142


  • Packaging:
    • 20m x 2m x 10mm roll