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ARDEX Systematic is an architecural specifier series that offers a range of hands-on professional development presentations was launched by ARDEX New Zealand in late 2014. There have been Systematic events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and smaller events in regional areas. Over 200 architects have attended a SYSTEMATIC event so far and the feedback has been excellent - "One of the best CPD presentations I've been to"

ARDEX Systematic is a one day event which includes 5 different product sessions. Architects can choose to attend one-hour session or attend them all. These events aimed to integrate the traditional CPD lecture with hands-on product demonstrations in order to give specifiers a greater understanding of the products that they specify. With Systematic events being held in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and smaller regional areas, over 200 specifiers New Zealand-wide have been a part of our campaign.


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The feedback ARDEX received back from these presentations was overwhelmingly positive. The attendees enjoyed the hands-on product demonstrations as they were much more interesting and entertaining than the usual CPD presentation - with a few mentioning that it had been some of the best CPD presentations that they had been to. Some feedback that we recieved:

"Your hands-on input as specialists with insights gained from years of experiencein the field was invaluable"

"Very clear advice and technical summary which I personally found really useful"

 "Really great presentation!"

"I like the quick-fire nature of the different presentations during the day"

"Good seminar, well structured and presented."

"The physical (hands-on) demonstrations were very good."

"One of the best CPD presentations I've been to - One hour burst with interactive stuff happening in between meant I stayed awake the whole time - often difficult in these things"

Thank you

We would like to thank all the specifiers who attended our events - we hope you found it useful! For those who were unable to attend - we hope to see you there next time!


Future Events

Considering how useful the Systematic Specifier Series was, ARDEX New Zealand is considering running a similar event in 2016. If you have further queries or suggestions, please fill out the form below and we will consider it for next time. 



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