Low-Viscosity Structural Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy


ARDEX RA 144 is a low viscosity, high modulus structural epoxy adhesive used for a variety of repair projects. With its low viscosity, it is perfect for gravity-feed horizontal cracks and can be used in temperatures between 5°C and 38°C. It can be used as a vertical crack repair using injection ports in conjunction with a capping gel. Its bonding and sealing capabilities for interior/exterior slabs are exceptional for use as an epoxy mortar spall repair when mixed with aggregate.

Basic Use:

  • Pressure injection of hairline cracks
  • Pre-stressed membrane repair - bridges, reservoirs, dams etc
  • Gravity feed crack repairs
  • Bonding agent for concrete, steel and wood structures 
  • Vertical anchor installations


  • Viscosity:

    350-450 cp / mPas

  • Application Temperature Range:

    5°C - 38°C

  • Substrates:


  • Location:

    Permanent internal or external application

  • Pack Size: 470mL Cartridges
  • Packaging:

    473ml Cartridges